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Xadia When Callum informs Rayla that a miracle healer lives at the top of the Cursed Caldera, she asks him if it is named after this explorer. The doctor is a kindly, corpulent man with dark gray hair, a mustache, and a beard. He also has blue eyes as well as dark brown beak and talons. Non-binary[2] The Dragon Prince Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. I cared about the whole world, because of you. Alasen of Kierst, Princess of Meadowlord, born in 696, was Prince Volog of Kierst's youngest and favorite daughter. He is the father of Soren and Claudia.After the Kings death, he starts taking steps to seize power for himself, this includes ordering Soren to kill the princes should they be found. Biography Did you know we’ve revealed a total of 18 characters so far? [2] She became the youngest known university professor at the age of twelve. As a Sunfire Elf, Kazi draws power from the Sun. Hair Color Nationality Deceased (Hearts of Cinder) She resented Viren after he saved their son from certain death by using dark magic, as she was frightened of him afterward. Our reveals mainly consist of full character designs and model turns, but for the main cast, they have short bios about the characters as well! Ghost Debut He was seen wearing a brown vest over a white shirt, an apron, black gloves, a tool belt, a red scarf, and a pair of glasses. Alive 3,090 Pages. Species Gray Hendyr is a Skywing Elf and a former member of the Dragonguard, a group of eight elven warriors chosen to protect the egg of the Dragon Prince. Status Register Start a Wiki. Status Pages. Kazi has usually read the books already, but they still appreciate mom and dad's efforts! Sam Vincent, Tristan[6] is a wielder of a Sunforged dagger and appeared inside the town built at the base of the Cursed Caldera, where he boasted his feats in defending The Border and challenged random bystanders to fight him and his magical weapon. Katolian Debut Lux Aurea They treat themself to a dinner out with good friends and colleagues, complete with one of Lux Aurea's greatest specialties: flambéed fire cake! Tristan then discovered Rayla to be an elf and tried to fight her, but was overwhelmed, resulting in him offering his dagger in return for his life. Phineas is brave and one of the unluckiest humans ever, but unflappably positive and resilient. Kazi also seems to shy away from profanity, only giving Janai a less insulting translation of Amaya's signing. Katolian Portrayal Kazi is the fifth LGBT character and the first non-binary character to be introduced in the series. Portrayal Occupation However, he corrects her that it is because it is infested with horrible monsters. Character Lineup – The Dragon Prince. He wore the attire of the Dragonguard, which comes in blue and white shades. .. Jay Brazeau, Callum and Ezran visited this animal doctor in a small village within the kingdom of Katolis, seeking help from him after Azymondias's egg fell into a lake and began losing its glow. Affiliation Unknown, Delilah Giehl is an elven explorer who traveled the world with Sir Phineas Kirst. Eye Color Status Brown Skywing Elf Biography [10], Sir Phineas Kirst Professional Information His innocence and kind heart sometimes make him slightly naive to the danger of the raging war around him. His attire included blue pants, brown boots, and a purple cape.[12]. [1] He was killed after Aaravos possessed his body.[13]. Species [11] He owned a pet pigeon that was illustrated as a bird of prey. An extraordinary discovery inspires two human princes and an elven assassin to team up on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands. Nov 29, 2019 - Here's the full lineup of character heights, ages, and birthdays!.. Eye Color A dark mage seen at the beginning of the series. Xadia Anti-Human Alliance: Xadia is ruled by intelligent dragons and six different kinds of elves who … Former Affiliations The Dragon Prince Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Dagger and the Wolf Other Information When they refused, he left without them, refusing to carry the egg with him as he had no desire to become a target.[8]. He also wielded a staff decorated with a Sun Primal Stone that was circled by metal plates resembling rays of sunlight and two auburn ribbons before Aaravos's corruption burned them. Dragonguard (Flashback) I can be strict when times call for it. Quirky and lighthearted, Ezran is an eccentric kid who has always had trouble making friends — with humans, at least. Gender Nationality The Dragon Prince is a fantasy computer-animated television series created for Netflix by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond and produced by Wonderstorm. With any great story comes a great cast of characters and The Dragon Prince is no exception! Affiliation Alive, Terry is an Earthblood Elf that has been announced to be introduced in the series at a later point. • Callum (Jack DeSena), Ezran's 14-year-old elder half-brother and King Harrow's stepson. Biography Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Affiliation First question: What are some of your positive character traits? Prince Imladrik - The younger son of Phoenix King Caledor the Conqueror, and brother to Phoenix King Caledor II, Imladrik rode a magnificent Star Dragoncalled Draukhain. [6] Lissa eventually decided to return to her family in Del Bar and asked her children on which parent they wanted to stay with. Xadian Professional Information Article by Eyh Pap. As a Sunfire Elf, Sabah draws her power from the Sun. Species Ezran is a compassionate boy and a pacifist. She had been born with the faradhi gifts, but was afraid and unwilling to learn how to use them. As a Skywing Elf, Hendyr draws his power from the Sky. Sun Mage (formerly) Recent blog posts Help Explore. Portrayal After examining the egg, the doctor told them that there was nothing he could do to help, but reluctantly told them the story of Ellis and Ava, who had met a healer on the Cursed Caldera.[5]. Gender Lux Aurea Kazi is usually too caught up in studies to remember their birthday. Character Lineup – The Dragon Prince. Biography Other Information When The Dragon Prince focuses on its character-driven journeys, it shines most. Fandoms. They wear a pair spectacles and round, white gold earrings. Olive green Eye Color Occupation 2. Professional Information Article from thedragonprince.com. Dragon Prince Xadia Elves Callum Ezran ... Add to library 50 Discussion 83. Gender Voyage of the Ruthless Other Information His facial features include dark eyebrows, light blue eyes, a marking underneath his right eye, as well as a cross scar on his left cheek. Tip 2: Don't forget words such as King, Queen, Prince, Lord, Commander and General. Hair Color In The Dragon Prince fans loved it for all of its characters. Iain Hendry, Hendyr[7] is a Skywing Elf and a former member of the Dragonguard, a group of eight elven warriors chosen to protect the egg of the Dragon Prince. Add to library 6 Discussion 8. RECENT NEWS. Hair Color Member of the Dragonguard (formerly) Portrayal This is a character quiz on The Dragon Prince. Human Male Eye Color Ezran is the crown prince of Katolis and heir to King Harrow’s throne. (Pick up to 2, and please answer truthfully.) Alive Lissa Gender Debut Take this quiz to find out! Species Add new page. Other Information Article from thedragonprince.com. Unnamed FatherUnnamed Mother When Soren chose Viren, Lissa told Claudia that she would need to be with her brother. Dragon Prince Characters. Status Affiliation Human Who is your favorite Dragon Prince character? Debut Status They have olive green eyes and dark hair, the latter of which is short, styled into dreadlocks, and swept to the left of their head, with the tips blending into a wine red shade. Male This behavior was based on an existing parrot, who is said to be even meaner.[1]. Species [3], The character is named after the lead writer Devon Giehl and is the author of the book "Lost Secrets of Xadia". This page contains an alphabetical list and basic info of mentionable characters that played a smaller role in the series, which was of enough importance to further the story, but not enough to receive their own respective pages. Xadian Jun 25, 2019 - Here's the full lineup of character heights, ages, and birthdays!

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