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His father is a well-known gang leader in Christchurch. So far, they have allegedly attacked over a dozen young women. "Two people who were with this man have been taken into custody and are assisting police with our inquiries," the spokeswoman said about the Kaiapoi incident. “Zoom is a promotional platform and we don’t want to promote this event on our platform any longer, clearly given what we now know.”. “The first was to blackmail her, and the second was to send these videos as trophies to other people to show their achievement of being gang rapists.”. However the figures central to exposing the Fairmont incident have been subject to intimidation and death threats. The council also set a public hearing concerning the report for … Unfortunately, that seemingly normal trip, just the latest of many that had previously given her happy memories, turned into a nightmare that the young woman only wants to delete from her memory. Photo / Facebook. The page has already published many of the testimonies of rape, harassment, and electronic extortion related to sexual assault suspect Ahmed Bassam Zaki, who has since been detained pending an investigation. The abundant testimony also points to the young woman involved in the Fairmont incident not being the first victim too. Editorial: Are you afraid to go into the water? The alleged rapists are said to exploit their wealth and power to rape the girls. The report also details how the figures central to exposing the Fairmont incident have been subject to intimidation and even death threats. “Allegedly, the incident arose during a well-attended event, organised and hosted by a third party events company at the hotel,” the management said. Fairmont Accident. Source 4 said that the party-goers saw the victim fall unconscious, despite it being clear she had been drugged against her will. According to 911 officials, the accident occurred just after 10:20 at mile marker 139 near the East Fairmont/Prickett’s Fort Exit. Daily News Egypt has looked into the case, interviewing different witnesses and sources to put together what we know so far about the incident. Photo by Deddeda Stemler / THE CANADIAN PRESS. Earlier in August, the Fairmont Nile City Hotel’s administration offered its support to the investigations into the incident which is alleged to have occurred in one of its rooms during a private party in 2014. Testimony provided by the ex-girlfriend of one of the alleged rapists said that she has received threats from her ex-boyfriend, who called her from a number abroad. Following the testimony provided by the young woman, a social media account published an alleged marriage document between her and one of the alleged rapists It appears to be aimed at convincing people that the young woman is trying to defame him following the breakup. The Fairmont crime involved the drugging and gang rape of a young woman at a private after party at the five-star Fairmont Nile City hotel. Source 4 said this was because the alleged assailants are known for their wealth and power. News from around Marion County and the city of Fairmont, West Virginia. Fairmont Joseph Wiringi is in Christchurch Hospital after being shot about 3.30am today. Article Sidebar. An administrator for  “Mental List” Instagram page told Daily News Egypt that the account has also received many testimonies against the alleged assailants carrying out abuses of this nature. Sources 5 and 6 said that two of the alleged assailants admitted to them that they raped the victim. Source 3 added that this group of alleged rapists have a group chat in which they share all the assaults they commit. The alleged suspect is David Hunter Lewis. This specific case was originally introduced on social media as the “Fairmont Incident”. The ordeal did not end there for the young woman – after they finished, the assailants even signed their initials on her body. Most of the sources have spoke in condition of anonymity for their safety, since most have received threats not to talk from at least two of the alleged rapists. Local accident news and more police or fire department information of Fairmont, WV. Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English. Song The Inner Temple-14016; Artist Zheng Yue Wen PRS; Album WOM 226 Traditional China They thought that she was having fun and left her.”. Last week, the Fairmont incident hashtag went viral on social media in Egypt, with the popular Instagram account “Assault Police” publishing the story of the then 18-year-old woman’s rape at the hands of at least five men. powered by Microsoft News. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); https://dailyfeed.dailynewsegypt.com/2020/08/13/the-infamous-fairmont-incident-what-we-know-so-far/, The infamous Fairmont Incident: What we know so far, on The infamous Fairmont Incident: What we know so far, The alleged rapists are said to exploit their wealth and power to rape the girls. Your questions: 'I'm sleeping with a married man, should I feel guilty? The rape was captured on video and allegedly shared by the alleged rapists and their acquaintances. @SJFD @sccfiredept Fairmont Incident is now under control. This videos are now central to the legal case against the alleged rapists. Video posted on Twitter show bystanders tending to the man who was shot in the head, who is seen bleeding and non-responsive. Moreover, Source 7 said that this group used to choose their prey from vulnerable young women who were always present on the partying scene. The Fairmont Hotel was evacuated early Wednesday night due to concerns of a possible fire. The Minnesota State Patrol investigated a two vehicle accident that occurred in Martin County on Tuesday. Another source, who we will call Source 2, added to this, saying that the next day there was another party in another hotel attended mainly by the same people. Gene McIntosh, 34, was charged with wanton endangerment. 9 patients transported following decontamination. “We made sure that they brought these accounts, as the accounts have tagged posts since 2016,” The Mental List source said. It’s a nightmare that has lasted for six years, a constant trauma hanging over her days. “Being under the influence of GHB, the victim was unable to defend herself or even voice her dissent, with the rapists signing their initials on her body, and filming it all for two main reasons,” Source 3 said. Publishing date: Apr 03, 2018 • • 2 minute read. The following is a statement from El Hefe on recent stories in the news media about an incident that allegedly occurred… Posted by El Hefe Chicago on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 . ", DO YOU KNOW MORE - CONTACT SENIOR JOURNALIST ANNA LEASK, Fourth person charged with murder over death of Christchurch man Kane Wayman - NZ Herald. After the incident, the man left the victim in the alley. The report included a complaint from a woman about the 2014 incident at the hotel, as well as other testimonies on the alleged crime. A promotional video from the event was captured by Mo4 Network, represented by Cairo Zoom. The disaster. 911 … It was reported that a group of men drugged and gang raped a young woman during a party at the Fairmont, going so far as to record video evidence that was later widely circulated among their social circles. The meeting will be livestreamed on the … Egypt's Public Prosecution ordered, on Thursday, the four-day detention pending investigations of one of the defendants accused of participating in the notorious Fairmont Incident… The voice note cannot be printed in detail, due to the nature of the content and the language used. The details of the incident date back to 2014, when a party was held inside the “Fairmont” hotel and a group of young men lured a girl. The restaurant denied that the security guards knew anything about a sexual assault incident. Bedour and Ganzoury are among a number of individuals arrested in connection with the 2014 Fairmont Nile City hotel gang rape case, in which a … Another source said that a room at the hotel had been reserved on the same day by one of the alleged rapists. Although the video was watched by most of the attendees, it seems that none were surprised as the alleged assailants have apparently gained a reputation for such abuses. A pickup driven by 83 year old Robert Kesselring, of Winnebago, was stopped at a stoplight on North Highway 15 in Fairmont when his truck was struck from behind by a pickup driven by 84 year old Leroy Rahn of Good Thunder. “But when she went up at the after-party, she did not return to her friends again. Shortly afterwards, a second man was dropped off at the hospital. Pleasant Valley; Barrackville; Kingmont; Colfax; Rivesville; Montana Mines; Baxter; White Hall; Monongah; Farmington; Jordan; Grant Town; Fairmont accident Archives. ', Vanished: The missing people of New Zealand. It was reported that a group of men drugged and gang raped a young woman during a party at the Fairmont, going so far as to record video evidence that was later widely circulated among their social circles. The hashtag “Mofag2et Garemat el Fairmont”, which translates as “the surprise in the Fairmont incident” has been used on these fake accounts. And following its success in helping move the authorities to arrest Zaki, Assault Police has also tried to help the Fairmont Incident’s victim, calling on those individuals who have the video to get in touch with them. And they photographed it. Responding to a Daily News Egypt inquiry regarding this, the Fairmont Hotel Nile City’s management noted that there are no exceptions to this ruling, even for parties. The implication here is that in Egypt, it is easier to blame the victim as it is, in one way or another, her fault rather than the attackers. WV News, sports and events. One defendant arrested in Fairmont Incident Egypt’s Public Prosecution is searching for the seven other men who fled the country Daily News Egypt August 27, 2020 Comments Off on One defendant arrested in Fairmont Incident LUMBERTON — A 24-year-old Fairmont man died Thursday in a vehicle collision on Interstate 95, according to the State Highway Patrol. All sources, however, refused to comment due to the case still being under investigation with the Prosecutor General. But other accounts have continued the work that Assault Police started, including “Gang Rapists of Cairo”, “The Mental List”, “Moghtasebon”, and “Fairmont incident”, among many others. The hotel’s management added that all hotels in Egypt have a tourism police office to which a daily list of room occupancies are taken. Fairmont woman charged in connection to hit-and-run accident. The video was used to blackmail the victim into silence. Despite their vulnerable position, the source noted that these are the same girls who people love spreading rumours about. It was at this party that the video of the gang rape was circulated, with its circulation rapidly spiralling out of the assailants’ control. The perpetrators also allegedly filmed the gang rape, after which they each signed their name on the victim’s body and then used the video to blackmail her. A hospital spokeswoman said she could not give an update on Wiringi's condition this afternoon. Latest accident News: Emergency crews respond to two-vehicle accident near Jane Lew. This has also included threats. FAIRMONT, W.Va. – A two-vehicle accident Monday morning on I-79 northbound in Marion County sent one person to the hospital. Police have taken two people into custody following the incident. FAIRMONT, W.Va. — A man is still at large in relation to a shooting incident that left one man dead in Fairmont on Sept. 15. According to the testimonies circulated, the incident dates back to April 2014, when a group of young men belonging to wealthy families raped a girl at a party at the famous Fairmont Hotel in Cairo, after they put anesthesia for her to lose her consciousness, and they took her to a room, raped her, and then signed the first letter of Their names, and they recorded the crime in a … Although there are thousands of other cases of torture and sexual violence yet to be investigated, the public prosecutor decided to open a probe into the Fairmont incident specifically. Fairmont Pacific Rim SUV crashes into Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Downtown Vancouver Police said the driver received a ticket for lacking proper insurance and driving without due care and attention. Daily News Egypt also contacted more than one source at the NCW to find out more on the next step in the case. Daily News Egypt has also received information about the workplaces of the alleged rapists, all of whom work for reputable commercial companies. This man had also been shot in the arm, but was not seriously injured. In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers are with anyone who may have been affected by any of the circumstances referred to in the various posts made on social media.”. FAIRMONT — A Fairmont police officer was airlifted to a hospital Monday night after crashing his vehicle during a pursuit.

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